Career and Talent Management Certificate Program 2015

The Aim of the Program

It is unquestionable that corporate success is possible with qualified human resources. One of the critical purposes of organization is to find the most talented person and put him or her in right position. However, there is fast increase in competition and mobility in current workplaces and it is not sufficient to employ talented people anymore. You need right strategies and a good-working system to improve the employee who you think is an asset for your organization, guide him or her, support his/her adaptation and engagement to the organization, and manage his/her career efficiently.

This program offers right methods and tools to find out talents, acquire, improve, retain them, and support continuity of organization’s talent management. Academicians and experts from Turkey and abroad provide participants with a wide point of view via local and international implementations. Consequently, it offers information, skills, and methods that you need to build career and talent management processes, implement and improve them in your organization.

About the Program

General Information

Training period: 48 hours
Training location: ITU Faculty of Management, Maçka Campus
Start date: February, 2015
Coordinator of the Program: Doç. Dr. Salim Atay
Director of ITU Career Center – Member of ITU Faculty of Management

For application and contact:
ITU Continuous Learning Center (İTÜSEM)
ITU Taşkışla Kampüsü No:133 Taksim, İstanbul
Phone: (0212) 243 15 25 – 251 13 29 – 251 08 09 Fax: (0212) 292 42 66 E-mail:


• Develop and Implement Corporate Career Management Strategies
• Build and Manage Personal and Organizational Development Processes
• Local and International Applications about Career and Talent Management
• Assessment and Evaluation in Career and Talent Management
• Talent Acquisition, Development and Retention
• Prepare and Implement Organizational Succession Plan
• Understand correctly and Manage Individuals and Interpersonal Relationships in Organizations
• Current Regulations about Worklife
• Evaluate Macro and Micro Data and Trends in Labor Market


• Professionals who have min 3 years of management experience in organizations implemented HR processes
• Professionals who have min 5 years of management experience HR consultancy firms
• Academicians or professionals who have min 3 years of management experience in higher or secondary education institutions
• ICF accredited coaches (ACC, MCC, PCC) who have min 5 years of experience

  • Prof. Dr. Fuat Erdal
    Chair of ITU Department of Economics – Director of ITU Continuous Learning Center
  • Prof. Dr. Seçkin Polat
    Coordinator of HR Certificate Program of ITU CLC – Member of ITU Faculty of Management
  • Prof. Dr. Halil Ekşi
    Marmara University, Chair of Department of Guidance and Psychological Counselling
  • Doç. Dr. Salim Atay
    Director of ITU Career Center – Member of ITU Faculty of Management
  • Doç. Dr. Mustafa Otrar
    Marmara University, Chair of Department of Assessment and Evaluation
  • Doç. Dr. Mahmut Kabakçı
    Member of ITU Faculty of Management

Foreign Trainers

  • Prof. Dr. Bernd Joachim Ertelt
    The University of Applied Labour Studies (HdBA), Germany
  • Dr. Jean-Jacques Ruppert
    IAEVG-International Association for Educational and Voca-tional Guidance, Luxembourg

*There will be translation in the lectures of foreign trainers

and Experienced Sector Executives